Andrea Piga illustrator

Nurturing a deep passion and interest for SCI-FI subjects – Andrea’s imagineering explore the classical iconography of myths like Icarus, Prometheus and the Amazons by adding a technological twist in the design functions of his characters and vehicles.

The selection illustrates various tech devices aiming to increase the performances of running and sky/scuba diving – by enhancing the human body with fins or foot propellers.

The images display the devices like special running shoes or flying/scuba-diving suits to wear in different environments: air, water, or ground – by connecting the human body to the environments represented by the four alchemical elements.

By starting with the play R.U.R. written in 1919 by Karel Čapek, the modern science-fiction has evolved in the last century producing films, comics, cartoons, and novels that have developed the iconography of robots and machines – outlining the most contemporary and well-known aesthetic of SC-IFI entertainment productions.

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