Andrea Piga

Visual Designer

Andrea Piga is a Visual Designer and Storyboard Artist based in London UK, working in graphic design business for the film/TV industry.

Andrea Piga illustrator

His work is focused in developing treatments for film, TV commercials, music video, animation, TV programme pitch and any media contents which requires an effective visual storytelling assistance.

He graduated in Stage Design from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera of Milano, Italy.

For film storyboard go to : VIRTUS ELEMENTIS

Andrea Piga illustration
Andrea Piga illustrator

Andrea visualises any treatments: from comedic narrative script for TVC to edgy concept design creation for VFX – up to pre-production shooting boards for outlining video editorials, animation, branded contentand multi-platform social channels campaigns.

The Officer Colonel Kurtz
Colonel KURTZ

Clients include AD & PR agencies, film production companies, animation/ design/ VFX studios, broadcasters, streaming platforms, music labels and brands.




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